Welcome to the Lady’s Island Access Roads Public Meeting

The Purpose of the Meeting is to:

  • Reintroduce 7 projects as approved in the 2018 Sales Tax Referendum
  • Provide an update on these projects
  • Receive comments on the conceptual exhibits

This Public Meeting involves seven (7) of the nine (9) projects as developed in the 2017 Lady’s Island Corridor Study .

Four conceptual exhibits present the 7 projects as follows:

Overview Exhibit – Shows all 7 projects

East Area Exhibit – Shows Airport Frontage Road

West Area Exhibit Alt 1 and West Area Exhibit Alt 2 – Shows the other 6 projects with 2 options presented only for Lady’s Island Middle School Access Road.

Click video above to watch a replay of the Virtual Town Hall held on January 21, 2021

A brief summary of the 7 projects:

Airport Frontage Road

Improvements provide access to Little Creek Road and Lost Island Road. They would provide reduced travel time delays and allow for improved access management on US 21.

The project has been separated into two phases for design.

Survey has been completed for the entire corridor. A wetland permit has been obtained for Phase 1. Wetland delineations and coordination with USACE are in progress on Phase 2.

Beaufort High School Access Realignment

The existing access is located within a congested area of US 21 (Sea Island Parkway). The Realignment allows for improved operations, accessibility, and safety on US 21. The original proposed conceptual plan realigned the access road with Sunset Blvd.  Other alternatives were presented at a public meeting held on January 8, 2020.  This conceptual exhibit incorporates comments from the January 8, 2020 public meeting and allows for the main entrance/exit to utilize SC 802 (Lady’s Island Dr) at the proposed Hazel Farm Road intersection.

Hazel Farm Road and Gay Drive

The project involves paving Hazel Farm Road, improvements to Gay Drive, new roundabout, installation of traffic signals, and signal interconnection with US 21/SC 802 signal.  The improvements provide beneficial street connectivity, increased pedestrian and bike safety, and congestion relief for the main intersection. This project would be coordinated with Lady’s Island Middle School Access Road.

Lady’s Island Middle School Access Road

Option 1 includes realigning the main entrance to the middle school with Gay Drive, defining driveways from the new road to the existing school’s roads, and providing a through connection to Cougar Drive and Robin Drive. Cougar Drive and Dow Road would convert to right-in/right-out. This is the proposed solution from the 2017 Lady’s Island Corridor Study.

Option 2 retains the existing Cougar Drive as the middle school driveway and improves the access on US 21.  This would be coordinated with the signal at Gay Drive.  Cougar Drive and Dow Road would convert to right-in/right-out.  Cougar Drive traffic would utilize the signal at Gay Drive to make a controlled U-turn versus turning left at its existing un-signalized intersection. Robin Drive connection remains as it currently exists.

Mayfair Court Extension

The extension of Mayfair Court to William Street involves a new roadway connection and provides improved connectivity for residents as future improvements on SC 802 convert the Mayfair Court intersection to right-in/right-out.

Meadowbrook Drive Extension

The extension to Dow Road improves connectivity for several properties as future improvements on US 21 will convert the driveways to right-in/right-out. If Lady’s Island Middle School Access Road option 2 is preferred, this proposed plan may not be needed.

Sunset Boulevard and Miller Drive West

The project includes streetscape improvements to both roadways and installation of a new traffic signal at Miller Drive West intersection with SC 802 and interconnection with the US 21/SC 802 signal. The project improves pedestrian and bicycles facilities. A community meeting was held on June 4, 2019 and was an invited meeting with residents on the project corridor.  A “Tally Sheet” reflects the verbal discussions from this meeting. This public meeting presents the original conceptual plan and provides an opportunity for formal comments to be submitted.